If you’ve ever been involved with the payroll in an organisation, you’ll know just how much of a pain in the pancreas it can be! Nowadays, third party payroll agencies are able to fully shoulder the payroll duties of organisations, offering business owners like you many benefits. Take a look at three of these outsourced payroll benefits below:

Reduce Your Overheads

Unless you’re trained in the ancient arts of payroll administration, ensuring this vital task is completed accurately and on time each month requires the services of a payroll administrator. This means employing someone on a full- or part-time basis and paying them a salary for their time. By opting for outsourced payroll, you’ll be paying much less for your payroll services than what a full-time salary would set you back.



Save Valuable Time

Payroll is an extremely time-consuming monthly task that often takes a team of administrators a full week to run – depending on the size of the company. With outsourced payroll solutions, you’re awarded peace of mind that somewhere, someone is seeing to your organisation’s payroll so you can concentrate on what’s important – growing your business! This also frees your employees up to focus on strategic business activities.



Ensure Compliance

Whether for temporary, contracting or permanent staff, monthly payroll has to adhere to statutory requirements – no excuses. All you need is one inexperienced payroll administrator messing up one time to create a world of compliance issues that could take an age to rectify. When choosing an outsourced payroll agency, you know your payroll is 100% accurate 100% of the time – because it’s their business to ensure your business payroll is sound.