how to land your dream job

It’s January 2018 and, if you’re still searching for your dream job, we’ve got some good news for you! Below is a 5-step process devised by our talented Affirmative Portfolios recruiters, showing you just how to land your dream job this year. So, dust off your smart pants and brush up on your job interview etiquette – you’re about to get hired!

Step 1: Choose a Path

The first and most important step to landing your dream job is to decide exactly what industry you’d like to work in, and the perfect job you’d like to perform in that industry. This narrows things down substantially for your recruiter, and gives you a better chance of being placed. Keep in mind that landing your dream job will depend on your qualification. If you’re not qualified to fill a position, there is little to zero chance of you being chosen for it – unless you’re ridiculously skilled with years of experience.

Step 2: Do Some Research

Once you’ve decided on one or two jobs, in a specific industry, that you’d be a perfect candidate for – the next step is to do some research. We’re talking about both research into the industry and what might be required of you in the position, as well as research regarding job interview best practices. This article on job interview tips: do’s and don’ts is a great read for what to do (and not to do) during a job interview, and this one on how to revise your CV in five easy steps will assist you with sprucing up your résumé. For more job hunting resources, check out our Affirmative Portfolios blog!

Step 3: Connect with Recruiters

So, you’ve chosen a career path and you’re ready for your first interview. Great! The next ‘how to land your dream job’ step involves reaching out to a South African recruitment agency and speaking to a recruiter about your vocational dreams. Your recruitment consultant will explain the entire process, and you’ll be asked to visit them for a casual preliminary interview. This helps them get to know you as a person, which makes it easier for your recruiter to sell you to any potential employers.

Step 4: Submit Your CV

If you’d prefer to get onto a recruiter’s database sooner rather than later, you can now submit your CV to recruiters online! This allows you to register yourself as a candidate, filling in your information and preferred job types, and get onto a recruiter’s radar immediately. Don’t worry, recruiters won’t share your personal information with anyone other than potential employers looking for candidates like you!

Step 5: Stay Connected

Once you’ve decided on your dream career path, done some research into your industry and the recruitment process, made contact with a recruitment consultancy, and submitted your CV – all that’s left to do is sit back and wait for the job offers to roll in! With a recruitment agency app, you are able to stay connected with your recruiter and receive any job offers immediately – sent directly to your smart phone.