If you are employing a new staff member, whether temporary or permanent, it is important to get a candidate assessment as employing can at times be quite stressful for a business owner. For peace of mind, rather get the candidate assessed and get the right employee from the start. The employer will be assured that the job applicant is able to handle the position and fit in with the company’s staff and ethos. Not only will a reputable recruitment agency be able to source and offer a suitable candidate for the position, but they will often offer candidate assessments as an optional service. Employers will use these services to determine if the new person is equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills for the job. Candidate assessments can cover many aspects. Recruitment firms usually have resources, experience, partnerships and adequate time to verify and assess candidates. What should be checked when it comes to a potential candidate for the job?

The person’s employment history is important to assess whether they are right for the position and the salary on offer. Employment history can often give employers a good indication of the candidate’s future with the company. It reflects their experience and their work performance at previous companies, as well as their reasons for leaving. This usually determines whether the employee’s history collates with previous employers’ feedback.

Credit checks, as well as verifying a potential employee’s educational qualifications, can be imperative to employers, especially when the position involves a senior management or key financial position. Honesty and integrity are necessities. Many employers will want criminal checks performed on job seekers, and many top recruiters will partner with companies experienced in thorough background checks. According to EMPS (Employers’ Mutual Protection Service) roughly 11% of people applying for positions have criminal records. Most companies would rather perform these checks prior to hiring someone as this can protect the employer from any future legal implications or financial losses.

If a job applicant is interviewing for a driver’s position, it will be essential for a check to be performed on the validity of the driver’s license, as well as the person’s driving history. Written consent will be required for this. This ensures that company vehicles, including expensive trucks and construction vehicles, are being driven by suitably qualified drivers, and will be covered by the insurance company in the event of any accidents.

As we are all well aware, identity theft is rife in South Africa. As a result, unscrupulous individuals commit fraudulent credit activities, and in some cases, acquire employment via these means as well. Often, the person using fraudulent identification may be in the country illegally or have previous criminal records in their own name. Thorough identity checks can therefore obviate this problem.

Taking all of these issues into account, it is therefore recommended to rather entrust a recruitment company with assessing potential candidates. This means greater peace of mind because all bases are covered in respect of securing the perfect candidate for the job.