Recruitment Agencies have for some time proved their worth to employers seeking staff. The main reason for this is that they take away the stress of hiring. The Agency is not simply there to recruit but also provides other valuable services to clients.Recruitment consultants will often already have a wide selection of candidates in their database. These candidates can range from non-skilled to highly skilled, temporary or permanent staff.  Recruitment agencies are often the best people to approach when you are looking for someone with specialised skills or to fill a managerial or top executive position. Many people will often approach a recruitment agency directly when searching for a job as there is often a good choice of positions to interview for.

Most employers simply don’t have the time to advertise, shortlist and interview individuals applying for the position. When dealing with a reputable  agency, they will already have pre-screened and qualified candidates that can start the job straight away.

Working hand in hand with an agency means that part of their service to you is placing an Ad for the position and short listing potential individuals. They can also assess the person and if necessary conduct a background check for you. They will only send the best suited individuals to you for final interviews.
Perhaps you are not in a terrible hurry to hire someone permanently. You can have the option of rather seeking a temp employee. This may be suitable where your business experiences slightly busier seasonal periods. Hiring temporary staff is also a great way to see if the person will fit into the company before you offer them a permanent position.

Some agencies also provide other valuable services such as payroll services where they will handle your monthly, bi-weekly or weekly payroll cycle for you. They can also distribute payslips either electronically or in hardcopy. There will essentially be no need to have a dedicated staff member to handle PAYE, SDL and UIF reconciliation as well as EMP201 returns. No need for an HR department and worrying about employee wages, over-time, leave etc.
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