Candidate Assessments and Criminal Checks

Affirmative Portfolios have partnered with MIE (Managed Integrity Evaluation) in order to provide a comprehensive and complete solution to our clients for all their candidate assessments and verification requirements. These services are carried out by our trained biometrics personnel and include the following:

  • Credit checks
  • Past employment history
  • Identity
  • Drivers Licence
  • Qualification
  • Criminal Checks

In terms of candidate assessments, MIE has access to a wide range of nationally and internationally developed assessment tools that are aligned to the South African market that can be tailored to suit a client’s specific requirements. Various methods of assessment can be utilized, namely:

  • Pen and Pencil tests
  • Computerised and / or on-line assessments
  • Assessment centres and role plays

A wide variety of assessments are available to test abilities and skills. These range from skills assessment for computer programs e.g. MS Office, finance and accounting knowledge, typing speed and accuracy, behaviour and personality attributes to competency based simulations and interactive assessments.