outsourced-payrollAffirmative Portfolios offer an outsourced payroll solution that complies with all statutory requirements and returns. Our dedicated payroll team has acquired extensive expertise and skills and as such are able to respond to the stringent deadlines and exacting standards that are required when dealing with payroll functions.

We have experience in the administration of payroll for temporary employees, permanent employees and contracting staff. Payrolls can be managed on a weekly, monthly and bi-monthly basis and can be customized to suit client requirements within the current legal framework.

Affirmative Portfolios offer a cost effective and managed solution that ensures that employees are paid accurately and on time.

What is Payroll outsourcing?

Affirmative Portfolios through our Payroll Outsourcing Division provides a customized outsourcing service to meet each Clients complex payroll needs. We would provide a payroll service for either a monthly, bi-weekly or weekly payroll cycle which would include standard electronic monthly reports, payslips (either manual security-sealed or electronically delivered payslips), Electronic Transfer file generation or Electronic Net Pay transfers and PAYE, SDL and UIF reconciliation and EMP201 Return submission. In addition, we provide a full mid-year and end of tax year service including the production of all statutory employer and employee information, including electronically delivered IRP5’s.

Why would you use our Payroll outsourcing service?

  • A personalised needs analysis is conducted to ensure that you get exactly what you need and expect.
  • Customizable reports to assist with maintenance and reconciliation of third party payments.
  • Customized Leave setup and on-going administration.
  • Preparation of electronic transfer files for employees’ net salaries/wages.
  • Independent Trust account with Crime and Professional Indemnity cover offering the necessary security and protection of funds
  • Seamless release of net salaries/wages on the clients behalf
  • Customised reports in electronic format (MS Excel or PDF).
  • Supplying reports and monthly preparation of the clients EMP201 return for PAYE, Skills Development Levy and UIF payments.
  • Creation and submission of UIF Declaration files to Department of Labour
  • Mid-year and annual preparation of IRP5 and IT3 certificates, including preparation and checking of the E@syfile import file.
  • Reconciling PAYE, Skills Development Levy and UIF payments and generating EMP501 for submission.
  • Supplying necessary reports to assist with completion of the OID return.

Benefits of Affirmative Portfolios Payroll outsourcing solution:

  • Payroll processing on a powerful Payroll software platform.
  • Cost effective
  • Up to date knowledge on the latest Statutory changes
  • Preparation and distribution of customised payslips (both hardcopy or electronic).
  • Providing customised electronic management reports.
  • Full payroll function and off site backup and resource continuity.
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