With December holidays around the corner, most employers will be dreading their valuable permanent staff members requesting leave. Other staff members may be dreading the extra workload that may be piled on their shoulders when their colleagues are away over the festive season.Often there is no need to cause unnecessary stress in the office environment by being short staffed. It’s not fair on valuable employees who may have to take extra work on top of their own duties. Why not look at a temporary staff solution to fill the gaps? Having staff members on leave for a short period of time may seem manageable but, when they are on leave for weeks this can lead to stress and less productivity.

Staff members who will be working through the December period may feel obliged to help out with other duties out of obligation to fellow staff members and their employers. This however encroaches on their own tasks which could lead to staff members who feel stressed, overworked, and underpaid. As an employer, rather look at hiring a temporary employee who will be able to assist with certain tasks in the office. This ensures that work will be up to date amongst your permanent staff and no unnecessary backlogs when your other staff return.

A reputable recruitment agency will be able to provide qualified temporary staff that have specialized skills for your particular industry if required. It is advisable to get a head start and assess any staff gaps you will need to fill in the festive season ahead.