Temporary staff can at times be a lifesaver and integrating them into your department successfully allows for little to no disruption in business activities. Temporary staff can be utilized for long term or short term assignments. They can fill a gap professionally when your permanent staff members take annual leave or when a specific short term project requires more staff. Hiring a temporary employee while searching for a permanent hire can help to ensure that you have time to find the right match for the position without rushing into a decision.

There are a few factors to consider in order to make any temporary staff members work with you a success.

Have clear guidelines and a workspace clear from the first day they are with you. Ensure that they have any necessary material or guidelines that they can reference during their duties. Make them aware of who they will be working with or who they need to report to regarding their duties. Let them know whether email, phone, or face to face is the best method of communication within the company.

Introduce them to your staff members and make them aware of the company’s culture and day to day functions. This will enable them to feel more confident to work according to any expectations. Treat your temporary staff member as if they were permanent and encourage and allow them to take full ownership of their role with the company. This will motivate them more than being treated differently from other staff members.

Communicate with your recruitment agency beforehand about specific qualities and skill sets that you will be requiring in a temporary staff member. This will help to ensure that they fill the position with the most suited person.