No matter what the size of your business having a performance review or a “One on One” with your staff members can keep your business and staff on track.  At Affirmative Portfolios we help employers find the best possible candidates for permanent or temporary positions – paving the way for you to start a successful journey with your new employees.  Face to face communications with staff is a great way to ensure that staff members remain focused and productive.

Successful businesses evolve, new clients come on board, strategies and focuses change. Staff performance reviews are the ideal way to ensure that individual staff members know where the company is going, how they are fitting in and if their work performance is satisfactory.

A “one on one” meeting with your staff needn’t be an interrogation. Most staff members will appreciate the open communication. As an employer you will have the opportunity to communicate what is expected and/or appreciated about their work skills. A performance appraisal can also help you detect poor work performance before it affects business.

Prepare for your private meeting by giving your employee advance notice of the “one on one” and set down your own goals and objectives for the meeting.  Aim to keep the conversation on-topic without negativity. Constructive and objective feedback whist listening to what your employee has to say can be beneficial for both parties.

Examples of the type of questions you can ask include how the employee thinks they are performing, which tasks they feel they are excelling at and which ones they feel they can improve on.

A ‘One on One” is the perfect opportunity to present staff with goals and objectives whilst encouraging motivation. It also lets you have important feedback on what changes or improvements can be made in your businesses operations.

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