During the festive season some companies may require temporary staff solutions to fill staff gaps. Perhaps your business becomes busier in the holiday season or you have staff that need to take annual leave. A temporary staff solution may solve your staff shortage problems.

Let’s have a look at some reasons why companies source temporary staff –

When it comes to hiring permanent staff there is often a necessity for monthly payroll administration. If there are many permanent staff members an in-house HR Department will often be needed to handle complicated benefits and payroll processing. If this is the case it may be worthwhile to partner with a recruitment agency that provides temporary employees and takes care of the entire pay-roll process for you.

Employees that urgently need a temporary staff member often do not have time to search for and interview candidates. Our recruitment agency has temporary staff on our extensive database and can usually provide someone suited to the position at short notice.

Temporary candidates can fill the void instantly when a staff member is on vacation or maternity leave or when there is a need for more staff. As a client of Affirmative Portfolios you will have the flexibility to decide how long you need the temp staff member for.

When recruiting temporary staff from an experienced agency, the agency becomes the employer and can take over all administrative procedures as well as responsibilities and liabilities that come with being a full time employer.

Outsourcing temporary staff can be extremely beneficial to SME’s (small and medium enterprises) if the business does not have an established HR department. This helps keep   overheads low. Many professionals are available as temporary employees and if their performance fits your standards you may even consider keeping them on a more permanent basis.

Many of our clients have discovered that a temporary staff member not only helps save time and money, they also add to productivity within the business.
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