Ever had that ‘I wish I hadn’t hired him’ feeling? Hiring a person is a hard job – get it wrong, and not only is there regret, but a poor hiring choice actually costs your business money. Business News Daily, an American online publication for small business, reports that a new hire in the US costs small business owners nearly $2000, which includes the cost of recruiting, interviewing and selecting candidates. Other costs to factor in – extra training, employment termination costs, and the cost of hiring a replacement. That’s why it’s crucial that companies find quality employees, rather than settling for a mediocre candidate just for the sake of expediency. Here’s how to do that…

Approaching a recruitment agency

Employers who are serious about hiring the right employee often approach reputable recruitment agencies for assistance, and many job seekers of varying skillsets also prefer to list with and submit their CVs to these agencies. This means there’s a chance the agency may already have a shortlist of pre-qualified temporary or permanent candidates with the matching skills and qualifications – ready to fill the job on short notice! If your needs are quite specific, the agency will procure a list of candidates through an assortment of methods – job portals, databases, social media, head hunting, and traditional advertising before providing a shortlist of suitable candidates for you to interview.

Connecting with the right candidate through a recruitment agency

When it comes to advertising the position, it’s no good writing and placing an advert in the local paper and hoping the right candidate will respond – especially if the position is industry specific. Educated mid to heavyweight career level candidates know where to search for suitable positions, so tailor an advert specifying the position and type of employee you’re after and then advertise in niche specific publications and/or online portals relating to your industry. This way, you have more chance of connecting with candidates of the right calibre whilst limiting the chances of inexperienced applicants from wasting your time. As we mentioned in How to Write the Perfect Job Advertisement, the quality of your job ad determines the calibre of applicants applying, so if you’re not sure how to accurately advertise the position, a recruitment company can help by writing, designing, and placing the ad, and then grading the responses.

Finding a trustworthy employee with the right skills

Besides finding a dedicated employee that does their job well, you’ll definitely want someone trustworthy and with a clean track record – a good past employment history, good credit record, genuine qualifications, legitimate driver’s license, and no prior criminal convictions. Most employers don’t have the time or resources to screen potential employees, and this is where a recruitment agency can assist by conducting candidate assessments where trained biometrics personnel conduct necessary background checks, and consultants carry out assessments such as pen and pencil tests, computerised tests, and/or online assessments – verifying the candidate’s abilities and skills. These services ensure that you hire someone suitable for the job and of good character.

Recruitment services that find you quality employees

Affirmative Portfolios assists employers throughout the entire recruitment process from advertising the position, shortlisting candidates, as well as screening and assessing candidates to ensure that positions are filled by quality permanent or temporary staff members.  Contact one of our branches today for a stress-free staff solution!