Why you need ad response managementRecruiting new staff is not only tricky and time consuming; it’s also an additional use of your time and resources that you often haven’t planned for. When a staff member has quit unexpectedly and you’re in the middle of a heavy project with a tight deadline, the last thing you need is to have to create an ad and then monitor the influx of CVs you receive in response. This is why you need a professional recruiter with the expertise and time to handle your ad and its responses.

This is one of the main ways in which Affirmative Portfolios can add value to your recruitment drives. We manage the entire process, from the creation of the ad, right through to generating a shortlist with only the very best candidates for you to choose from.

Here’s how it works. When the need for new staff arises, you simply let us know what you’re looking for and we take it from there. You can get on with your daily duties and not even have to think about it again until we have gone through the following four steps:

Creating an ad

We start by creating and designing an ad and then broadcasting it across all the appropriate media. We know all the recruiting platforms and understand which industries they serve , so we will know exactly where to post your ad to get the right responses, which are set up to come directly to us, so you don’t get bombarded with CVs.

Collating and grading responses

When the mad onslaught of CVs comes in from people just dying for the chance to take up a position in your organisation, we are the ones standing to ready to catch it. We receive all the responses, and carefully extract only the most desirable candidates.

Assessing applications

Having long-listed the best applications, we now go through them and further refine the search. We sort through CVs, fill in missing details and conduct preliminary interviews

Generating a shortlist

We then present you with the shortest possible list of only the most promising candidates – and we will even arrange the interviews for you.
All of this enables you to minimise your effort in the search for the perfect new member of staff, while maximising your chances of finding exactly what you are looking for. We are specialised HR consultants who have only one thing in mind: to recruit top talent for our clients.

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