Benefits of Background ScreeningEmbarking on the mission to hire new staff members can be very daunting for employers, as they are welcoming a new, unknown person into the daily operations of their successful business. In order to protect your business and brand, it is highly advised to have background screening done on your top candidates to verify their identity, qualifications, criminal record, credit history and more. Affirmative Portfolios has compiled this blog to demonstrate the benefits of background screening for companies undergoing the recruitment process.

Benefits of Qualification Checks

When hiring new staff, it is vital to ensure that your best candidates are, in fact, in command of the skills they claim to be. A large number of candidates falsify or misrepresent their secondary and tertiary qualifications in order to land higher paying jobs without the experience, knowledge or discipline required for the position. Affirmative Portfolios can verify a candidate’s qualifications to ensure that your new employee is skilled and knowledgeable in their field and will be an asset to your company.
Further, by verifying a candidate’s qualifications, you are avoiding unforeseen training and employee development costs that would be incurred for underqualified candidates, thus improving your company’s productivity.

With a qualification check by Affirmative Portfolios, you can rest assured that your quality of hire is greatly increased, and that your vacancy will be filled by a qualified and confident individual.

Benefits of Criminal Checks

Criminal checks are the most requested form of background screening, and for good reason! A criminal check will give you insight into any criminal behaviour in the candidate’s past that may serve to endanger you or your business.

By pre-screening your candidates, you reduce the risk to your company’s reputation which an unsuitable candidate could tarnish, as well as the potential costly litigation due to dismissals that could lead to arbitration!

Furthermore, a criminal check reduces the chance of violence in the workplace, as well as theft and harassment. If a company neglects to check a candidates criminal history, and an incident occurs as a result of that candidates criminal tendencies, you as the company can be held liable for the damages caused – this is called negligent hiring and it is a real and detrimental risk!

Benefits of Credit Checks

Credit checks assist a company in determining whether a candidate, essentially, is good with handling money. This is a particularly important check to conduct if the position you are filling requires the handling of company finances. To ensure that you hire a trustworthy individual, we recommend you contact Affirmative Portfolios and we will conduct a thorough credit check on your behalf.

The Affirmative Portfolios Solution

Now that you are acquainted with the benefits of background screening, it may be time for you to consider employing the services of a reputable recruitment agency to conduct credible beckground check of your candidates. You can contact Affirmative Portfolios to conduct background screening as a standalone service, or as part of our comprehensive hiring solutions. Safeguard your company, reputation and employees with comprehensive background screening.