Have you ever attended a job interview where you were given the opportunity to ask questions?Never dread this as it can be an ideal opportunity to prove how well you understand the position and role you will play in the company. Questions that are focused on the company itself and its operations can reflect both a positive understanding of the role and a good impression.

Instead of just focusing on how great the position is you could ask what trouble areas have been encountered and how the position offered will possibly alleviate these areas. Try to give suggestions or ideas on any problem issues suggested by the interviewer.

You could also ask how the interviewer envisions the advertised position benefiting the company in the long term. This demonstrates that your goal is not only for yourself but for the company’s betterment too.

Why did the interviewer want to start up/ or work for the company? Ask questions about future plans, culture and the history of the products, services or brand.  These questions demonstrate that you are a serious candidate who is thinking about a long-term future with the business.

Why not ask questions about the company’s weaknesses as well as strengths?  How do they see the company tackling any weaknesses in the future? This can reflect a candidate that is interested in understanding any challenges that the team as a whole can improve on.

How is their company different from any competitors? This can demonstrate your ability to assess and get a perspective about the company and its position in the business world.

Asking questions in your job interview can enable you to leave a competent and good impression with the possibility of recruitment.