Most employers will over time get to know their employees. The ones that stand out have certain qualities that most employers will appreciate. These qualities will be applicable whether you stay with the company or leave for greener pastures. There are certain employee qualities an employer will look for and appreciate. These qualities will also leave a longer-lasting and better impression with the employer.

The most obvious quality would be to do your job and do it well but other qualities will also apply. Be reliable when it comes to meeting deadlines. Show up at work and complete any projects tasked to you on time. This could help your employer recognize your reliability and trust you with bigger projects in the future as well as potential promotions.

Communication is vital especially if any problems come up that may interfere with deadlines. Inform your manager immediately so that changes to deadlines can be made. Be sure to suggest solutions to any problems.

Own up to any mistakes that you make instead of trying to shift the blame. Take responsibility for your error. A good employer will appreciate the honesty. Have a solution and demonstrate how you have learnt from the mistake.

Don’t be scared to share your opinion or knowledge. If you feel you have the knowledge to assist a team project, speak up and assist positively. Be willing to extend help to fellow employees when necessary.

Address your employer or manager directly and privately if you have any differences of opinion or complaints. This will bode much better than discussing the issue with other fellow employees behind their back.

Be Enthusiastic when performing your duties and always strive to go the extra mile instead of doing the bare minimum required. If you work enthusiastically this will help to motivate others and reflects that you are a positive force in the workplace.

Be Loyal. Speak well of the company and keep information confidential if necessary. This demonstrates your loyalty as an employee.

Be a Team Player.  Be able to work as part of a team. Being able to work with and listen to others shows that you can cooperate & coordinate within a group to reach the company’s goals.