Following on from our last blog “Where to find the best temporary staff”, it’s always best to deal with a reputable agency. They will assist you to source the best temporary candidate that is a precise fit for your business environment.  Partnering with a reputable recruitment agency means that all staff whether permanent or temporary are carefully screened and assessed. This will apply to skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled candidates. As a business owner one would be hesitant to hire a new candidate without knowing their previous employment and skills history.Your recruitment agency should be able to offer you the most suitable temp staff to fill seasonal staff gaps without you having to worry about security or confidentiality risks.

A business owner would much prefer a temp staff member that has been screened in much the same way as a permanent staff member would be. The best recruitment companies will offer you a professional partnership when it comes to recruitment hiring decisions. They will implement high standards when it comes to screening and interviewing potential staff. Their comprehensive database allows reliable and verified staff to be recruited, even at short notice. This can help a business obtain an immediate staff solution without valuable time and costs spent on recruiting a permanent staff member.

Screening of candidates should include…

  • Criminal Checks
  • Qualifications
  • Drivers license
  • Identity Documentation
  • Previous Employment History
  • Credit checks

They will also conduct other methods to determine the candidate’s individual skills and abilities. This can entail tests or assessments to ensure that a temporary staff member has the right skills for the job. Running a business is stressful enough without having to search around for temporary staff. Rather let a reputable recruitment agency take care of the background checks and interviews for you.