It’s a brand new year with many employers and temporary employees looking at options for 2015.  Today’s business world has seen the growth of temporary employment opportunities which are helping both businesses and temp staff contribute to the economy.

Temporary staff members are no longer just employees that answer the switchboard and file paperwork. Many professionals are opting to rather work as a temp due to flexibility and to gain experience. Many business owners in industry with short term, lucrative contracts are able to acquire the temporary employment services of labour without the risk of permanent employment especially when times become tough.

Many employers have experienced the ups and downs of business due to the country’s economic factors and this is why hiring temporary staff can be ideal. Many business owners will at times be wary of taking on the risk of more permanent staff members. This is where a professional recruitment company can help fill any urgent staff gaps. They will be able to provide a labour solution for special projects as well as semi or unskilled labour projects.

For employees looking for a change or experience in a different field, working as a temp can be a viable experience which adds to your CV. Many temps enjoy the fact that they are in charge of their career path. It can also be an ideal way to get your foot in the door of a reputable company. At times a company may take on the temp staff member permanently once their contract expires due to their hard work and efficiency.

A professional Recruitment Agency will always screen and assess candidates whether they are unskilled, semi-skilled or even skilled. This ensures that each candidate when placed will work according to expectations and in an honest, trustworthy and professional way. Part of the recruitment agencies service to the employer is to manage the performance of the candidate thereby supplying a professional staffing solution. A professional Agency will have consultants that can provide excellent advice and knowledge relating to niche recruitment areas. The consultants will already have a database with candidates in most fields.  This can often mean that urgent staff needs can be catered to immediately.

Always look for an Agency that can offer more services than a traditional, standard agency. No matter what your business sector they should be able to fulfil your requirements timeously. Perhaps you are in the financial sector and need to recruit a person with management skills. You may be in the IT field and need to fill a position requiring high level programming skills with an appropriate degree. Rather work with an agency that has suitable candidates already on their database. This means that most ground work has already been covered saving you valuable time.

Whether you are a business owner or a job candidate there are many reasons to consider temporary employment for the New Year.