With so many companies now making the shift to remote working during the lockdown period, we at Affirmative Portfolios believe it is a perfect time to share with you the benefits of a remote workplace. For those who are unfamiliar with the term, a remote workplace is a company that does not have a base, rather the employees are able to work from wherever they are in the world.

5 Benefits of Having a Remote Workplace

The remote workplace is becoming a common practice in modern society, which is why we are sharing the benefits of remote workers in businesses. If you are considering making the change from an office to working remotely, read through the benefits to determine if this will work for you and your field of work.

Benefit of a Remote Workforce #1: Employees Have a Better Work-Life Balance

We love this benefit of having remote workers. Employees that are able to work from home (or their holiday house in the Drakensberg) have a better work-life balance as the two are merged. Having the option to work from a new location every day, as well as be more flexible with work hours, allows for people to be more present in their daily personal lives. People that are able to get up earlier to get a head start on their work so that they can make it to their child’s hockey game in the afternoon tend to be more focused on their work and motivated to work hard due to the healthy balance. Being able to change locations when working also offer a fresh new perspective.

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Benefit of a Remote Workforce #2: Money Savings for both Employee & Employer

Who doesn’t want to save money? Working remotely saves both employers and employees money each month. As a business owner, you are not paying rent or other utilities, which is a dramatic save in the long run. Employees also benefit by saving money on fuel and formal work attire.

Benefit of a Remote Workforce #3: Companies Have Access to a Wider Selection of Employees

Due to being out of office, businesses have access to the best professionals in their field, as they are not limited to hiring in their area. Having a remote workplace allows for your staff to be based anywhere from down the road to across the country.

Benefit of a Remote Workforce #4: Increased Productivity

Studies have shown that employees are more productive when working remotely. With fewer social distractions that the office, working from home allows individuals to create the atmosphere they feel most comfortable in. If you give your employees the option of having flexible hours, this may also increase productivity and encourage them to meet deadlines days, or even weeks, in advance.

Benefit of a Remote Workforce #5: Improved Employee Retention

Removing employees from a working environment also removes many negative aspects that accompany working with people, such as employee conflict. Working remotely allows for members to interact less with people they do not get along with, as well as establish a healthy work-life balance, as previously mentioned. This all contributes to your employees’ satisfaction in the company and improve your employee retention record. Happy employees make for a secure and long-term team.

Benefit of a Remote Workforce #6: The Ability to Still Function in Disaster

As people, it is impossible to know when disaster will hit. Be it a fire, hurricane or a global pandemic, which we are experiencing at present. Many companies lost out on a lot of business in the early stages of COVID-19, as they were trying to make the shift to employees being able to work remotely. Businesses that are already functioning remotely are prepared for any disaster that may affect business as their work can happen from anywhere.

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