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Coronavirus, the global pandemic that has disrupted the world, has put many people in a tough place, both mentally and financially. The South African government has put several plans in place to ensure that citizens are given the help they need to make it through this time. We want to ensure that you and your business understand TERs and UIF claims, what they are and how you can apply for assistance

Everything You Need to Know About Coronavirus and Your Business

This blog post gives you a brief insight into what UIF and TERs claims are. The government have provided further information in the form of step-by-step guides, contact numbers and commonly asked questions. All this information and further clarification can be found on the government’s official website.

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TERs & UIFs Role in COVID-19

You can claim UIF using the online platform set up by The Department of Employment and Labour, accompanied by the simple guide they have provided.

TERs is the acronym for the Covid-19 temporary employment scheme and has been specifically implemented to assist those financially affected by Covid-19. Employers and employees are able to claim from TERS if they have been previously contributing to UIF. If you are a business owner whose business has been forced to close due to lockdown regulations and have suffered a financial loss due to the shutdown, you are eligible to claim. TERs does not cover full salaries, so employees can expect to receive 38%-60% of their usual income.

Who Can Apply & How?

Employees will not be paid directly from their TERs claim, employers need to apply on behalf of their employees. The money will be transferred to the employer, who has two business days to transfer the money into the accounts of his employees. The minimum amount that an employee can receive is R3500, which is the national minimum wage.

All applications need to be submitted online on the official website by the employer, which will need to provide critical information, as well as their bank details.

The UIF COVID-19 will send the employer an email to confirm that they have received their application request. Once they have processed your application, they will once again email you an official approval or rejection letter. The UIF claims system has been made a priority in providing financial relief and you can expect a response within 10 days of registering your business.

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