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There are so many great benefits of outsourcing payroll services, not only for your company, but for yourself. Affirmative Portfolios wants to help you improve your working environment, starting with the management of your payroll.

Outsourcing Your Payroll Management

Educate yourself on the benefits you will experience by reading through the list of benefits we have compiled for your convenience. Keep reading thr4 blog to discover 5 of the reasons why outsourcing your payroll will benefit your business.

1. No Wasted Time

Whether your business employees 10 people or 100 people, payroll demands a sufficient amount of time, effort and attention to detail. As one payroll ends the next starts and the endless cycle continues; capturing huge amounts of data, checking for errors and making corrections all take a large amount of time away from other tasks and operations. By outsourcing your payroll management, you are freeing up a significant amount of time that can now be used to tackle other matters in your business, knowing that payroll is being taken care of.


2. You Save Money

In any organisation time, as previously mentioned, is a valuable resource, and wasted time is wasted money. By outsourcing your payroll management and freeing up some valuable extra time, you can now direct your attention and time to other tasks, which will result in additional performance and income.

3. You Benefit from Enhanced Security

Processing your payroll is an extremely complicated task, associated with a fair amount of risk. With situations such as identity theft, embezzlement and forging company records, it is known that there are many sources of payroll-related risks, however, by outsourcing your payroll management you safeguard yourself against such risks. Payroll providers often make use of advanced systems, used to store and protect all your private and valuable data, ensuring that only those that need access to such information will have access, thus removing a lot of risks and improving security.

4. You Abide by the Law

Just like many other business-related procedures, processing your payroll also requires a business follows and adheres to legislation and rules, such as accurate reporting and misrepresentation which, if not followed, can result in audits and, possibly, penalties. With constantly changing laws and new regulations always emerging it is difficult for a business owner to stay up to date. By outsourcing your payroll management, you are ensuring that the person in charge of your payroll is experienced and qualified enough to adhere to all laws, regulations and changes relating to payroll management, avoiding unneeded and unwanted audits and penalties. Therefore, payroll laws and regulations are the responsibility of the payroll manager and not yours.

5. You Can Reduce Staff Expenses

Handling your business payroll in-house is a very demanding and complicated task for some and more than often requires a Payroll manager. Identifying, recruiting and training of a new staff member is a very expensive procedure, however, through outsourcing payroll management, these costs associated with maintaining a reliable payroll management system can be avoided, eliminating the need for any additional staff completely.

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