tips for managing skills development in the workplaceThere are so many ways that a business can improve, one of the main game-changes is the development of employee’s skills. Your employees are the core of your company, they are your company; therefore, you should be making a conscious effort to develop their skills to ensure your business continues to improve.

4 Tips on Managing Skills Development at Work

Affirmative Portfolios know all the tips for managing skills development in the workplace to improve your organisation. Keep reading the blog as we reveal 4 tips on how you can successfully manage skills development during the working day:

1. Assign a Mentor

Departmental managers have a greater influence on their team then most realize. It is important to establish a comfortable and open relationship between managers and their team, as well as the employer and employee. Having a manager set up a weekly meeting with staff to provide them with the opportunity to express any concerns, obstacles or confusion will create an atmosphere of openness, in which employees feel comfortable enough to ask for the necessary help when struggling.


2. Invest in Professional Training

There are so many effective seminars, self-help books and trainers who can pass on the relevant knowledge your employee needs to excel. Investing in professional training will help your business in the long run, as your employees will be receiving the best possible training through tried-and-tested methods. It is important to remember that your employees are the face of your business, therefore they are worth the splurge.

3. Have Monthly or Bi-monthly Training Refreshers

It is not uncommon for people to slack off if ideas and actions aren’t fresh in their minds- this happens regularly in the working environment. You may host a training course for your staff, be super pleased with the outcome, only to find the original hype wears off after a few weeks. Luckily, there is an easy fix for this one. Hosting regular training refreshers will keep staff focused, motivated and connected with one another. Keep them fun, entertaining and laidback and your team will leave feeling inspired every time!

4. Pay Attention to Personal Development

Employers often fail to realize the importance their employee’s personal development has on their business. Providing the correct resources and programmes that encourage a healthy body and mind will ultimately improve your employee’s confidence and overall mood, resulting in them being more conscious of their actions and more open to improving their skills. Having a healthy mind and body will give them the energy they need to excel.

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