We thought that in our latest blog we would share some tips for new employees just starting in their new job. At Affirmative Portfolios we provide staffing solutions to employers and assist candidates with finding the perfect temporary or permanent job. No matter what position you have been offered, whether Office support, Financial, technical or even management, starting a new position at a different company can initially feel quite daunting. In the beginning you will need to navigate your way through new faces and familiarize yourself with new procedures whilst trying to make a good impression. There may even be a probationary period involved.

How can you ensure that you make a good impression in your new job?

The most obvious tip would be ensuring that you are punctual. Ensure that you arrive at work on time as well as for meetings and scheduled appointments. Morning traffic is often chaotic and leaving a bit earlier can make a big difference in the amount of time you spend commuting to the office. This will allow you to arrive at work without being stressed and you may find that you have an extra 10 minutes to prepare yourself for the day ahead.

Having a positive attitude can really make a difference in your day. Remember, you were chosen for the position for a reason. The employee or recruiter must have been impressed with you to offer you the position. Be positive about your worth and what you can bring to the company.

Communication with your employer as well as other company staff allows you to learn more about your position and what is expected from you. It also gives you an idea about the company’s ethics and work processes whilst getting to know your new colleagues.

Be pro-active in your new position. If you have extra time on hand offer to assist with other tasks and don’t be afraid to ask your colleagues or manager for feedback or advice if you feel that you can self-improve. Get involved in social work activities. Perhaps the company has an action cricket team or they have a staff get together once a month. These external activities can create a good relationship with staff.

Dress for success. Dress accordingly for your position and the type of company you are working for. No matter what the work environment always take pride in your appearance by being neat and professional no matter what the dress code is.

Relax. Remember no one is perfect. Expect to learn something new every day. You may even make a few small mistakes on the way but, if your attitude is positive and you are relaxed and keen to learn this will show that you can be a vital part of the company team.