Ever wondered how to hire the right employee first time? Perhaps you have hired before and have discovered that the employee was not suited for the position. Maybe they just were not the right fit for you, your company or your staff. Recruiting the right staff member is important, and most vacancies will be urgent. Many employers do not want to go through the hassle and stress of replacing new recruits that did not perform as expected.

This is where our recruitment services can prove invaluable and far less stressful. At Affirmative Portfolios we believe in a personalised service. We will clarify the position on offer as well as understand the responsibility, tasks and function of your ideal candidate. This information is vital when searching for the right employee.

Our ad response handling service is much more than simply posting an ad in the media. The placement and design is just the beginning. We will advertise the most important aspects of the position in the best suited media for that particular industry, then collate and grade each response. Some advertised positions will attract hundreds of CVs. Why worry about finding the time to check each CV when we have the personnel to do it for you? We will shortlist the most suitable candidates based on past skills and accomplishments, as well as assist you with the arrangement of interviews.
Our company is also able to perform a thorough candidate assessment and criminal check if necessary. This service gives employers peace of mind when it comes to the candidates’ past employment history, qualifications, as well as criminal record. Other important factors such as the legitimacy of drivers licence and identity can also be verified. We even assist with Pen and Pencil tests or computerised and / or on-line assessments.

Prior to interviewing the shortlisted candidates, we prepare for the interview by structuring questions that will really determine their knowledge, enthusiasm and fit. Communicate what you will expect from the new employee and convey your company’s values and vision.

At Affirmative Portfolios we understand how important it is to find the right employee first time. We have years of experience in hiring processes, as well as an extensive database of candidates ready for various positions. Feel free to  contact us for more information on our recruitment services.