Top Five Careers for the FutureYou’re after a career with a corner office and above average salary, right? That’s great, but to, get that above-average salary, and all the perks, you’re going to need above average marks in the STEM subjects – that’s science, technology, engineering and mathematics. If you’re up for the challenge, consider one of these five exciting career fields…

Software engineering

This career path demands an analytical mind and the ability to problem solve. Software engineers create operating systems, social media sites, search engines, apps, in fact, every programme we use on our computer, laptop, or mobile device! As technology continues to thrive, the demand for new software programmes and software engineers is set to escalate. Knowledge in .NET, C#, .NET, C++, Linux, Microsoft SQL Server, and JAVA will open up doors for experienced candidates both locally and internationally.
Current average salary: According to PayScale, an entry-level software engineer earns a median salary of R358 315 and a senior software engineer a median salary of R695,585k per annum.

IT manager

Expect more permanent employment opportunities for skilled IT candidates and IT managers.  Most companies with computer hardware and software need skilled professionals to install and maintain network equipment, manage virtual cloud and in-house storage devices, troubleshoot hardware and software issues, perform upgrades, order and set-up new IT equipment, secure sensitive data, train staff on new systems, and supervise IT staff.
Current average salary– IT professionals earn a median salary of approximately R400k per annum but employees with staff management and IT project experience can expect to earn far more.

Electrical engineer

Electrical engineering is listed as one of the top scarce skill occupations in South Africa. In fact, this skill is desperately needed for government’s future plans of infrastructure upgrades and building. In addition, there is also a strong international demand for these skilled professionals. This field will suit those with a technical mind and involves developing, testing, designing, manufacturing, maintaining, and even installing electrical equipment.
Current average salary: Electrical engineers earn a median salary of R 347k per annum

Management consultant

Management consultants analyse businesses, their administration, management, financials, and help restructure or develop techniques to maximise productivity, solve problems, and cut unnecessary costs. As companies realise the benefits of strategic planning, these professionals will be headhunted to help improve business processes.
Current average salary: A management consultant earns a median salary of R408k.

Digital marketing manager

With the digital era showing no signs of slowing down, companies that are serious about marketing their products or services will employ digital marketers with a mix of talents to research and analyse target markets, understand what the market wants, and to keep ahead of competitors. Expect an increased demand for digital marketers with advanced technical skills in SEO, social media, and content creation.  Salaries for skilled marketing managers are sure to increase in the near future!
Current average salary– Digital marketing managers earn a median salary of R296k per annum

Recruitment with an eye on the future

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