Social media has become one of the most popular communication tools globally. Does your social media profile reflect a Skilled Professional? More and more skilled professionals are using  social media platforms to share information, give opinions, look for career positions, research, get up to date news and share pictures.Many SME’S as well as larger corporations use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram to promote their products or services and to connect with fans. At times Recruitment companies and employers will use platforms such as Linked In to connect with potential candidates.  Not all companies will check social media profiles when hiring staff but it is important to be aware of your social media activities and who could see these activities.

If a professional is short-listed for a position their online presence just might be researched.  We have recently seen news headlines about employees being fired for comments or “tweets” that were considered offensive. Businesses do not want employees who could possibly cause harm to their brand or company reputation.

Whether you are currently employed in a position or are searching for permanent or temporary employment you can use your social media profile to reflect a positive and professional image.

Anything that you post on the internet is public information. There are some basic ways to ensure that your online profile always reflects you in a positive light. Think before you click that “Post” button and never post inappropriate images or statuses that could harm your personal and professional reputation. It’s also advisable to check your privacy settings.

Use Social media as a positive tool for your career by connecting or networking with others that share your interests or job passion. Show interest in your profession by posting and sharing interesting articles on your chosen field. Remember that anything you post on the internet can be shared by an audience so ensure that your social media profile does reflect a professional image.