Times have drastically changed since the days where you’d have to print out 50 copies of your resume and canvas the business districts in order to set up job interviews. While this method does work for certain industries, utilising the professional placement services of a recruitment agency is the difference between landing a job and landing a career you can be proud of. Let’s look at five of the many benefits of using a recruitment agency…

Recruitment Specialists Save You Time

When looking for a job, time really is money. The longer you are out canvassing for recruitment opportunities, the longer you have to sit without an income. Why not let a recruitment consultancy do all the hard work for you? Allow specialists in the field of job placement to ‘canvas’ for you while you focus on getting to know your preferred industry. Your time is your number one commodity, so let a recruitment agency spend it wisely for you! Once you have submitted your particulars, filled in the required documentation, and informed your recruitment consultant of your specific requirements – all you’ll need to do is schedule in your interviews!

Employment Agencies Give You Salary Advice

Do you know what your services are worth? Are you aware of the industry-related salary standards for your specific title, with your specialised skills? You might not have a clue, but employment agencies do! Avoid selling yourself short by letting a recruitment specialist advise you on the salary you can expect for your specific field, and fight for the salary you’d like to achieve before you even step foot into an interview room. Are there any benefits you would like to enjoy at your new employment opportunity? Give them to your employment agency and they’ll do their best to achieve this for you!

More Opportunities with Recruitment Agencies

If you’re canvassing for employment opportunities yourself, you’ll need to put a lot of effort into deciding what sort of job you’d like to procure, then finding organisations that offer your preferred position, then getting in touch with the human resourcing department, and hopefully they are willing to take your CV onto file for consideration. When utilising a recruitment consultancy, all you do is submit your particulars to them, and they will do the rest. Employment agencies are connected to many organisations in many spheres of industry, which opens you up to many more employment opportunities than you’d have if you did it all yourself.

Temporary and Permanent Employment

Have you ever considered temporary employment? Temping is a great way to build up the skills necessary for permanent positions, and organisations almost always recruit internally before looking into the job market for placements. While most recruitment consultants worth their salt will be able to find you a permanent position, consider a temporary employment opportunity should you wish to really grow with an organisation. This will better equip you when you eventually move into the permanent employment market – and you’ll have gained experience in more than one field of employment.

Recruitment Consultants Provide Resume Support

When last did you update your CV? Are you sure that all the required information is present and in line with the resume standards required by employers? Recruitment consultants that provide resume services are able to assist you in building the best possible resume for the best possible chance at landing your dream job! Recruitment agencies see hundreds of CVs on a daily basis, and they know what is required of a winning resume. Get in touch with Affirmative Portfolios and we’ll help you build a resume that is guaranteed to stand out in the pile!