The days of spending 50 years at a company and collecting your gold watch at the end of it, are over. The job market has changed dramatically in the past decade. According to the American Bureau of Labour Statistics the average worker will stay in each of their jobs for only 4.4years. Job market instability and competition means workers need to be flexible and inventive with how they find their dream career. Read on to find out how temping could help you reach your career goals…

Temp Agencies Work for You

Temping agencies work on a commissions basis, and their success depends on their reputation to fill positions with the right people. This puts pressure on recruitment personnel to support you during your temp placement and prepare you for the job. It’s in their best interest that they find a position you are interested in, so you do well and don’t quit after a week. Once you have proved that you are dependable they will put you forward for better jobs.

Add New Skills to Your Résumé

Temping will see you working for a variety of companies. The job requirements will generally match your core skill-set, but will also include tasks you may have not done before. For example, if you’re an admin temp for a charity you might get roped into event planning and you can add the experience from this to your cv. This is a fantastic and flexible way to expand your resume, without having to go back to studying or taking an unpaid internship.

Show Case Your Work

Ever been in interviews where you’ve forgotten to mention key info? It happens! Interviews overall are a poor indicator of our true capabilities and persona. You will be interviewed by the temp agency, but if your paper work checks-out they’re likely to take you on. Once you’re a temp you’ll be put straight to work without drawn out interviews with companies. You can use this to your advantage by showcasing your work ethic and soft skills on the job, instead of being rejected because of one poor interview.

Temp to Permanent Employee

Temp jobs let you get your foot in the door at different companies. While bosses may be considering your performance, this is also an opportunity for you to scope out the company, future employers and company culture before you apply for a permanent position. Not all temp positions will lead to permanent employment, but even if the job is only a week long it gives you the chance to network with key people in your field. If you build a good rapport with individuals they may put in a good word for you, or let you know about job openings in the future.

Find Your Dream Job

Submitting your cv for temping positions is a great way to broaden your skill set, get flexible work and explore job opportunities while getting paid. Contact Affirmative Portfolios today to find a temp position that will help you land your dream job!