Today, more companies are opting for temporary employees to fill company positions as it offers more flexibility without more permanent staff overheads. Company structures are changing to keep up with new technology, expenditure overheads and competition in various sectors. Companies are choosing part-time employees over sourcing more permanent hires.

Hiring a candidate for a permanent position could be risky, especially if tough economic times start to affect the company.

Some employers have changed their outlook completely when it comes to hiring staff. They are seeing temporary employees as a valuable way of outsourcing people with specialised skills. These specialised skills can include candidates with knowledge in Information technology, legal admin, healthcare etc. There may be a specialised project that would not only require certain skills, but also be one that will take 5 or 6 months to complete. Why hire a permanent staff member in this case? Once the project is successfully completed there will not be a need for more specialised staff members. Investing in specialised skills on a temporary basis can at times be invaluable to an employer. Rather pay someone temporarily for that important project with no strings attached.

The value of part-time employees can also be found in semi-skilled as well as unskilled candidates. Certain people prefer to only work in part time or short term positions due to the flexibility it offers them. Temporary jobs may vary in contract times. Some positions will only require a worker for a few hours, few weeks or even months. Students that are studying part-time may want to earn extra income on a flexible basis. This can also be a valuable way to learn more about the business world, the skills required whilst giving the temp employee experience in a certain field.

Some highly skilled candidates only want temporary work as they find it far more financially rewarding. They also have the opportunity to increase their professional network whilst adding valuable experience to their CV. In certain cases employers will seek the perfect employer by evaluating the skills of a temp employee. If the candidate proves to be outstanding in the position, the employer will have the opportunity to offer them a permanent job.

It is also important to note that a reputable recruitment agency with temporary candidates whether skilled, semi-skilled or unskilled will have screened and assessed each individual beforehand. This enables the employer to be confident that no matter what position is being filled, the task at hand will be completed successfully.