An Interview is definitely not the first step in finding a Job. The application for the job is really the first step and it is important to ensure that this first contact you have with the employer or recruitment agency is completed properly.

What are the most common mistakes to avoid?

–    Failing to follow the instructions on the application. This shows a lack of attention to detail.
–    Leaving fields on the job application blank.
–    Not turning the job application in on time.
–    Not explaining any gaps in your employment history. Rather explain otherwise the worst may be assumed.
–    Grammatical and spelling errors look extremely unprofessional.
–    Not including all required attachments.
–    Long and tedious resumes. Be as brief as possible but do give an accurate and thorough explanation of your previous work history as well as state why you would be perfect for the job.
–    Write neatly and don’t abbreviate or shorten words.
–    Include your full address and contact details including your cellphone number and correct email address.