2016 is here and many companies will be deciding whether it is the right time to recruit new staff. 2015 proved to be an eventful year in terms of our local and International economy. Our local rand took a hammering and many business owners will want their business to achieve growth this year.
Successful companies have the right staff in the right positions. How do you decide whether to hire new staff members now?

Do you have goals or a business plan set for 2016? With these goals in mind it’s important to determine if your current staff complement will be able to help you effectively achieve these goals.  If not what type of employee do you need? Do you want to achieve more sales with experienced sales personnel or do you need more senior management staff in place?

Another question to ask yourself is whether you will require permanent or temporary  staff members. Analyzing your company’s performance over the past few years should aid in your decision. Steady growth over the years may indicate a need for more permanent staff. If your business experiences growth peaks during busy seasonal periods or has not had consistent growth then a temp staff member may be the perfect solution for you.

Do you find yourself having to take care of multiple tasks that are interfering or taking you away from more important tasks within the business? Hiring a staff member to take care of accounting processes, sales or customer queries can give you more time to focus on your services, products or marketing strategies.

Another important aspect in your decision will be the affordability of hiring a new staff member.  Costs to bear in mind include health benefits, perks, training costs, computer equipment etc. There may be additional expenses involved but the long term benefits of having that extra staff member may prove worthwhile in the near future.

Whether you are looking for a temporary or permanent staffing solution Affirmative Portfolios will strive to exceed your expectations by providing you with the most appropriate candidates for the job.