recruitment agencyStarting a career is a scary endeavour. What if you don’t find the right role? What if you can’t nail the interview? Career searching becomes much easier with a recruitment agency like Affirmative Portfolios by your side.

What is a Recruitment Agency?

A recruitment agency is a firm that connects candidates with employers. For companies, they ensure that open jobs get filled with the right person. For those looking for a career, they provide access to some of the most sought-after roles at reputable companies. It works great for both parties! If you want to find out more about recruitment agencies, our blog has plenty of excellent information. Otherwise, read on for five reasons to use a recruitment agency.

1. To Find a Career Faster

Being out of a job is stressful. In fact, many people cannot afford to spend five-plus months searching for a new career. That’s why recruitment agencies are so favourable – they put you in touch with job openings faster, meaning you will start your first day sooner than ever.

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2. For Access to More Job Openings

If you only search for jobs on the most common career sites, you aren’t looking at the best of the best. That’s because many professional career openings only advertise on specific recruitment sites! By using a recruitment agency, you broaden your scope. That, in turn, means you’re likely to find a role you genuinely love.

3. You Are On the Same Team

Looking for a career with little to no help is stressful. That’s why a recruitment agency is so helpful – they are on your team. They want you to find a career just as much as you do! So, when you sign up with a recruitment agency, you know that someone else has your back.

4. To Beat the Competition

Many job seekers only apply to jobs on the most well-known job hunting sites. Those using recruitment agencies have access to more job openings without as much competition, meaning they are more likely to land an excellent role.

5. For the Best Possible Match

A recruitment agency is the way to go if you are looking for a long-term career. That is because it puts you in touch with roles you will thrive in – ones you are likely to stay in for many years.
Recruitment agencies know how to pair the right people with the right employers. When you use a recruitment agency, you get the best possible match.

Start Your Ideal Career with Affirmative Portfolios

Here at Affirmative Portfolios, we make starting a professional career easier than ever. From submitting a CV to finding permanent employment, we help you every step of the way. Are you interested in our services? Don’t hesitate to contact us – we will answer any questions!

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