You have studied hard and succeeded in obtaining that elusive qualification. The world is your Oyster and you now have an opportunity to work for a large corporation that has been around for many years or a Small Start-Up with an enthusiasm for rapid development. The salary package offered by both is comparative. How do you choose? There can be pros and cons for both the Big and the Small fish.

Pros and Cons 0f Large Corporations

The pros of working with a larger Company that has been operating for some time are transparent at first. You know exactly what your Job position is, and what will be expected of you and your working hours are clear. The bigger companies usually have a set structure in place with a pension and/or medical aid scheme. Some may even offer additional training at the Company’s cost. The said Company may be well known and respected which could add to your future career prospects.

In many larger Businesses, you are just a number with a specific task to complete each day. There is usually a large management structure and decisions are often made without your input. If you have a general position, it can be highly unlikely that you will move up the corporate ladder.

Pros and Cons of Small Corporation

A Small start-up can be an exciting prospect, especially if you have general skills as you have the opportunity to spread your skills. This can enhance your position and make you a valuable part of the team. There may be more room for a challenge and an opportunity to progress. There is usually more communication with your employer and you are often individually valued. You may have more opportunities to highlight your skills and value to the company.

Smaller Companies that are still establishing themselves may have limited resources initially for pensions and medical aids or training programs. You may be required to be more flexible with your working hours if necessary. Being a smaller company with fewer staff, each individual is responsible and accountable for their work. Your poor actions can affect your company and colleagues hugely. On the other hand, being successful and hard-working can get you noticed as a serious contributor to the company’s success.

A new career opportunity is exciting and it would be beneficial to listen to yourself. Usually, your gut instinct will guide you in your decision between a small start-up and a larger company.