Often a company will need to hire staff and usually the first idea is a permanent hire. A temporary staff solution has many benefits which should also be considered.

When it comes to hiring permanent staff there is the added necessity for ongoing monthly employee benefits as well as additional payroll administration. If one had to look at the costs of an in house HR Department to handle benefits and payroll processing it may be well worth it to look at partnering with an agency who can provide temporary employees. The recruitment agency will take over the entire process at an all-inclusive rate. If one is requiring a temporary staff member urgently and simply do not have the time to search and interview someone may be available to you immediately through an agency.

When recruiting temporary staff from a professional agency, the agency becomes the employer. They will, be able to take over all administrative procedures as well as responsibilities and liabilities that can come with the territory of being a full time employer. This can be an added bonus when it comes to searching for a permanent employee who may not stay with your company for as long as anticipated. It can be stressful to try and replace the position permanently due to administrative expenses related to the exit of the employee. Often a temporary employee can fill the void instantly when a staff member is on vacation or maternity leave or when there is an urgent need for more staff during a busy period. The employer has the flexibility to decide on how long the temporary staff services are required.

Outsourcing your temporary staff can be extremely beneficial to SME’s (small and medium enterprises). Often these company’s do not have an established department to take charge of important HR functions. A temporary staffing solution can also help you keep your overheads low. Many professionals are available as temporary employees and if their performance is “up to scratch” you may even consider keeping them on a more permanent basis.

A temporary staff member can be beneficial to help you save time and money whilst adding to productivity in your business.