With current economic conditions affecting the business environment, a temporary staff member can be ideal. There may come a time when a business owner is reluctant to bring in new staff members full time.With South Africa’s current economic uncertainty, many business owners will be reluctant to hire more permanent staff members. Currently it is hard to determine if the economy is in stagnation or heading for decline.  The World Bank recently cut South Africa’s growth forecast for 2014 and 2015 and according to recent reports, there has been an increase in forced liquidation. These liquidations have reportedly risen to the highest level in over five years.

With these developments many employers will be more cautious when it comes to hiring permanent staff. This is when they may find a temporary staff solution more appealing. Temporary staff can be employed in short-term busy seasons where there is a necessity for more staff. It can also be an ideal solution for an employer who would like to assess the candidate before making a more permanent commitment.

Some recruitment agencies are able to offer temporary staff for more specialized projects as well as unskilled, semi-skilled and highly skilled based on the clients short-term requirements. Some Businesses may require more flexibility in matching their payroll to current business turnover. The business owner may want to avoid having too many employees during a downturn or may require staff with specific skills for a short term project.

Temporary staffing solutions in an uncertain economy can provide necessary man power without the risk of long term commitment.