Working with your recruitment agency and thinking of them as an extension of your business is the ideal way to ensure that your staffing requirements are met.When your agency can work with you to understand your business it will save you valuable time when searching for permanent or temporary staff. Understanding your staffing needs and the position will enable them to advise you on staff contracts as well as market related salaries. Be open about the position you are looking to fill. Articulate the sort of employee you are looking for in terms of the position. Your agency will ask a lot of questions to understand the position. This knowledge will help them to match a candidate that will possess the ideal skill sets as well as fit in with your company’s goals and culture. The more you communicate the type of person you are looking for the quicker they can identify the right person for the job.

Will you require the agency to advertise the position and short list potential employees for you? If so look for an agency that offers services such as candidate assessments, ad response handling or even payroll services.  Another point to consider is whether the agency specializes in both permanent and temporary staff placement. An established agency will have a wealth of knowledge in the local job market and staff for your type of Industry. If you are in a highly specialized industry and require someone with specific skills choose an agency that has previously found candidates for your sector.  Employment agencies that have been established for years will usually have a comprehensive database of candidates looking for placements which can save you valuable time when you are urgently requiring suitable staff.

Ask the agency questions to determine if they can work with you to provide you with the perfect employee. It’s always good to understand how their screening process works and how they identify successful candidates. A professional agency will be more than happy to provide you with a list of existing clients that they have worked with and sourced staff for.

Affirmative Portfolios is driven by exceeding client’s expectations. We work closely with our clients in order to provide them with suitable, screened candidates for the position.