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COVID-19 has affected us all, and business owners are no exception to that. In fact, businesses have been particularly hard hit, with many even going under due to the pandemic. It might seem like the worst time to grow your business with everything going on, but there are ways to do it, and Affirmative Portfolios is an excellent place to start.

What Challenges has the Pandemic Presented to Businesses?

Since COVID-19 has started spreading, fewer people are spending money as they are not leaving their homes, meaning businesses are losing large chunks of profit. While some companies are needing to let people go, others are struggling to find great hires. Don’t let COVID-19 put you off recruitment and development – there are ways of making it work safely. If you want to do the improbable and grow your business during the pandemic, read on.

1. Hire Well

A business is only as good as its team, so make sure you have an excellent group of employees behind you. With many people losing jobs, there is plenty of talent out there; you just need to find it – that’s where our recruitment company comes in. Find the best hires for your business by using Affirmative Portfolios – you can find both permanent and temporary employees to suit your needs.

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2. Train Staff Online

Remote work has naturally become more and more popular during the pandemic. As well as recruiting the right people, you should also train your staff online. This way, they can put in their best work without having to leave their homes, making it safer for all while keeping up productivity.

3. Use Digital Marketing Strategies

While in-person marketing might have gone out of the window, you can still use digital marketing strategies, and there are plenty of them. With email marketing, social media, and SEO content, you can bring in more and more potential customers to your business’s website.

4. Attend Virtual Events

A way to network and boost your brand’s reputation is by attending virtual events. Not only will you connect with more people, but it’ll give you a taste of normality. If you take the time to look out for them, you’ll discover virtual events are happening all the time – you just need to start attending.

5. Assess Your Customer Needs

Since COVID-19 has swept the world, your customer’s needs may have altered. Assess who your customers are and how their lifestyle has changed, and then do your best to accommodate that with your services. For example, if you run an in-store clothing shop, start delivering online orders instead of being solely in-store. Just remember – as your business changes, you might need to hire more talent to fit that.

Discover the Best Hires for Your Business with Affirmative Portfolios

With plenty of Affirmative branches in South Africa, you are sure to find the perfect hires for your business. By finding the best recruitment and altering your methods, you will watch your business develop, even during these difficult times. Contact us today to find out how we can help you reach your goals.

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