At Affirmative Portfolios we are proud to provide a range of other services to our clients such as a hassle free outsourced payroll service. At our company we understand the complexities of running a business and we strive to do much more than staff recruitment.We offer an outsourced payroll solution that is up to date, reliable and accurate with the latest statutory requirements and returns. We have a dedicated payroll team in place to make on time payroll payments for you. A payroll solution can be customised for your needs no matter what size your business is or how many permanent or temporary staff members you have on payroll.

Our recruitment payroll outsourcing service includes calculating pay, producing payslips, customised reports, customising sick, holiday or maternity leave, EMP201 returns for PAYE, Skills Development Levy, UIF payments, IRP5 and IT3 certificates.  We will also handle tax deductions, pension and medical aid contributions from your employee’s salary. With our payroll administration team IRP5s will be delivered electronically and your payroll can be managed for you on a weekly, monthly and/or bi-monthly basis.  For your convenience, we will ensure that you are 100% compliant with current payroll legislation according to all major Payroll Acts.

Payroll services are ideal for start-ups, SMEs and even larger enterprises with many staff members and we will customize a payroll solution to meet your specific needs.  More and more business owners are outsourcing their payroll as staff payments can be quite complex. Today’s business owner would rather streamline business processes and focus on other matters. From a cost saving perspective, there will effectively be no need for a dedicated payroll staff member or the costs of specialized payroll software. Our powerful payroll software is up to date with the latest regulations and we have an effective off site backup for our client’s confidence and peace of mind.

With our experienced and dedicated team Affirmative Portfolios can offer you a cost effective, competitive and compliant payroll service ensuring that your staff members are paid accurately and on time.